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Airport Madness 2

Airport Madness 2 game

The air traffic control game is back, with some tweaks to make thing a bit more challenging. Living up to its predecessor's niche appeal, the basics remain the same. Your job is still to prevent nasty plane crashes and ensure that schedules are met. Thing is, you can no longer take it easy and let things run their course. With so many planes coming in at once, it is only a matter of time until something collides --unless you use your expertise to prevent it of course.

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Airport Madness

Airport Madness game

Take a break from all the hectic shooters and tricky flight sims and learn how to direct air traffic instead in Airport Madness. Clear planes for landing, ready them for takeoff or ask them to pull up. This game will keep you busy keeping aircrafts from colliding and ensuring that everything runs without a hitch.

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