Awesome Planes Game

Get Ready for Mayhem and Destruction in Awesome Planes

With its fast paced game play, the controls may take a while to get used to. But rest assured that with some practice, it is going to be second nature to maneuver the aircraft even for those who are new to shooters. Without needing to press additional buttons, the plane follows the mouse and heads towards the direction you are pointing. Firing is done using the left mouse button. Choose weapons by pressing keys 1-4 or cycle through them by pressing the q or e buttons. To make you faster in dodging enemy fire, you can press the Space Bar for a boost.

One thing to note is that you really need a mouse to play the game effectively. Due to the game's movement controls, the difficulty increases dramatically (bordering on unplayable) when using the touchpad on a laptop.

What makes Awesome Planes even more awesome is the ability to purchase upgrades for your aircraft. Doing missions, whether you complete it or not, earns money. You of course use this to build a better aircraft. Not only do you get tougher by improving your armor or dodge faster by upgrading your afterburner, you also get better firepower by buying armaments, improving bombs as well as increasing the number of clusters.

Initially, only the minigun is available to you, but the rocket, plasma and laser weapons are available for purchase. After you obtain these, you may add points in order to improve their performance. We're on the fence about the way bombs are used in this game. Firing the main weapon also automatically dispenses the explosives, which is useful in the middle of all the chaos but it also tends to be a bit unwieldy and unsatisfying.

The game's 15 levels may be completed within 20 minutes if you are familiar with the genre. After clearing all stages, you unlock Survival mode. This definitely adds replayability for those who want to test their mettle against wave after wave of enemies. Because the enemy levels do not vary, it is not impossible to last a very long time. The objective is really just to have fun blowing things up. Regardless which mode you opt for, this compact game will leave you fulfilled and hungry for more strafing and bombing.

Do you like game achievements? If you do, then you will love Awesome Planes. The game features six in-game milestones, namely: Destroyer, Dogfighter or ATGfighter, Ultracombo, Burnout! and Pimp my plane. Earning them all warrants a number of replays, but the game is short enough as it is that it shouldn't be a problem.

While there is no wow factor when it comes to visuals, the heart pumping beats really get you in the mood to blow things up. To assist you in your quest for destruction are various power-ups. We especially liked Rocket frenzy! for its ability to maximize the mayhem and Invulnerability, for obvious reasons

We definitely recommend Big Dino's Awesome Planes for those who are looking for a short burst of shooting game madness. After you get used to the controls, the game is actually quite easy to master. Learning to fight effectively against other planes, tanks and guard towers will unlock achievements which are sure to bring out your inner completionist. Just remember, though the game plays smoothly on laptops, it's good to have your mouse of choice assisting you while you blow things up.

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