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Dogfight 3: What We Want to See

With its unique aerial combat mechanics and extensive mission variety, the Dogfight series is undoubtedly among the best in its genre. Even from the first game it is easy to see that much thought has gone into the visual delivery and thematic feel of the game. That being said, what would make Dogfight 3 more tempting to play than the first two?

Dogfight 2's mission variety is stellar. In one mission, you may be asked to escort friendly aircrafts, protecting them against pesky baddies. In another, you may be asked to duel a General akin to a classic boss battle. That being said, the difficulty has been raised since the original game. Instead of having infinite retries, you now have to mind limited lives. You get a checkpoint every five missions completed, so you do not have to worry about grinding your way back to later stages, but you're out of luck if you happen to be stuck in a mission close to the end of a set. Read On...

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There are two ways in which the installment could be made more accessible for those who are new to the series. The first would be the implementation of difficulty options. With this present, those who simply wish to enjoy blasting hapless foes could go for a lower difficulty. Another tweak would be to simply eliminate the checkpoint system altogether and just focus on achievements and score-based rewards in order to give an incentive to hardcore players. With the way things are, the game is unnecessarily frustrating for those who dislike repetition.

The original Dogfight (which has a striking resemblance with the old classic BBC Micro Dogfight game) had something unique to offer people who loved having buddies around: local Two Player versus mode. Unfortunately that only had a single stage and so it relied on the same layout for baddies surrounding you and your friend. This mode was removed from the sequel, making up for it by adding more single player missions. Because there are so few titles that have any sort of local Two Player mode, this could very well be a niche that the next Dogfight title could address. Instead of making different maps for versus mode, why not use regular maps for cooperative missions? That way, there would be more of an incentive to replay finished stages and put some levels into those Social Links in the process.

Dogfight 3 game

Actually, additional game modes would be a welcome addition. Though the mission variety is plentiful as it is, there is always room for fresh mechanics. Survival mode would be great for those who just want to beat their kill count score while a time attack mode would test a player's efficiency. Of course these are just basic ones found in other flight sim games. Dogfight 3 can push the envelope with quirky modes such as a first person shooter type or even a "race to the finish line while fending off enemies" mini game.

Dogfight 2 avoids making things too complicated by sticking to its core game play and ignoring gimmicky items such as power-ups that make you invincible or those that allow level skips. While we appreciate its simple approach, we cannot help but wonder what the game could be when there are other weapons in play. Perhaps in the sequel we would be able to experience different aircraft types that have advantages depending on play style and level objective. There are several ways of pushing Dogfight's system into the next level, most of which could benefit from adding player input into the mix.

Thanks to its entertaining core game play and straightforward approach, the potential of Rock Solid Game's Dogfight series is virtually endless. Regardless of what gets improved and which new things are introduced, we would definitely want to see what is in store for us in Dogfight 3.

What would like to see introduced into Dogfight 3, why not express your ideas with other readers?

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