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Sid Meier's Ace Patrol: Takes to the Skies

Sid Meiers Ace Patrol Mobile App Game

Combining the on-the-go accessibility of mobile gaming on the smart phone with the in-depth, and step-by-step playstyle of a Sid Meier game is not an easy juggling act. And with Ace Patrol, it is pretty evident that the developers are struggling combining the two together. The quick verdict is that this game is still pretty good and fun to play -provided that you are the specific niche that the game is catering to. Just as with any gaming platform, a Sid Meier game is designed to be enjoyed by the same kind of folks who appreciate the deliberately meticulous and detailed oriented approach of the Civilization games. If you are a casual player looking for a dogfight simulator, you will want to look elsewhere.

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Sid Meier's Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies

Sid Meiers Ace Patrol Pacific Skies Mobile App Game

It is easy to compare Ace Patrol Pacific Skies with its' predecessor, Ace Patrol. Simply put, this is the same game (in spirit anyway). Pacific Skies presents a game with two different campaigns (depending on which side of the conflict you pick) during World War 2 featuring events like Pearl Harbour and The Battle of Mid Way between the Japanese and the American. This makes it different from Ace Patrol's slightly branching yet singular storyline. But aside from that, everything else is pretty much the same: the game engine, the combat mechanics, the pacing of the game, and even the overall gaming experience. The one thing that does make Pacific Skies superior however, is the fact that it is a complete single-purchase game.

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