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Jet Velocity 2: Anti Gravity-Ships That Makes the Competition Go Boom

The hit browser racing game is back and it runs laps around its predecessor. With brand new ships and weapons in the mix, Jet Velocity 2 retains its 3D goodness and adds just the right amount of extras to keep things fresh.

The game's steering controls are similar to the first. You still guide your ship with the use of either the directional arrow keys or W, A, S and D. An excellent feature of the series, this allows you to choose which set feels more natural depending on your play style. Are you in dire need of a bathroom break? You may pause the game at any time by pressing either the P key or ESC.

In addition to smoothly maneuvering your ship to get ahead in a race, you may now fire weapons at the opposition to slow them down. Pressing either the Space Bar or type specific H, J, K or L buttons launches an attack against your competitors. Of course, if you're firing hot air instead of bullets, you may want to get a refill by passing through Weapon Power-up ramps. Coupled with consistent Speed Boosts, the two make for an unbeatable combination.

To complete the game, you must beat all fifteen levels.  There are several ships to choose from, each with varying Thrust and Handling stats. These are unlocked as you finish playing the game’s base tracks. If you’re having a hard time finishing first, you may use the credits you earned to buy some firepower before starting a race. Though the cost does increase after each purchase, your stockpile may be used regardless of the ship you choose.

The new boosters do balance the games effectively but we do miss Jet Velocity's default Custom Track Mode. Taking it out strips the title of community interactions altogether and removes a near infinite replay factor. If you wish to try this signature feature, you may want to fire up the original game.

In terms of design, Jet Velocity 2 did not really deviate much from its predecessor. However, the graphic quality does surpass the original by leaps and bounds. While there are still a few jagged edges to be found, there is hardly anything too obvious to complain about. The colors are vibrant and the road transitions are quite smooth. For a browser based title, Jet Velocity 2 is a shoo-in candidate. Oh, and did we mention, it's free to play?

Audio-wise, the game retains the heart-pumping techno tunes that the first title was known for. Unfortunately, the quality is still a bit on the raspy side. There are times when the sound is grating enough to warrant muting. It's just too bad because the music choices suit the game so well. The sound effects are also pretty limited. You hear bumps and a few explosions but there are neither menu clips nor satisfying power-up pings to be heard. Perhaps it was due to compression issues, with the audio compensating for space taken up by the 3D graphics. Whatever it was, the third game in the series could benefit from some fine tuning in the audio department.

Still, Jet Velocity is truly a trend setter when it comes to browser-based racing games. It continues to impress us with its game play balance and smooth 3D graphics. Sure, the latter is reminiscent of visuals from the Playstation era, but you have got to remember that this is a free to play, lightweight title. Also, the end product of combining exciting techno tunes and tide turning power-ups is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Regardless if you are new to the series or are a veteran racer, Jet Velocity 2 is worth dedicating an afternoon to complete all of its fifteen awesome levels.

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