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Jet Velocity 3D is Ahead of the Race

If you are looking for a noteworthy racing game that will keep you entertained for short periods of time, then your search is over. Jet Velocity 3D is a fun, bite-sized racing game that will bring out your competitive streak. The graphics are impressive for a flash game, the controls are smooth, and best of all, the challenge never lets up.

Fans of racing games will appreciate Jet Velocity’s no-nonsense approach: you start, you go, and you blaze as fast as you can. The idea may seem a little simple, but in this age of drifts, weapon power ups, upgrades, and other technical fanfare. A straightforward racing game is actually a little hard to find.  Even hardcore gamers will appreciate the challenge curve on this one: the AI often prove to be unrelenting challengers from beginning to end.

The key to beating the game is to emerge first for all ten tracks. While you still get points by completing a track in second place, you will be stuck at that level and you will not be able to progress the game. Take note that ships are unlocked by finishing levels so failing to place first also means that you forfeit trying out new, better models.

At least the controls are pretty easy to learn. You can choose between using directional arrow keys or W, A, S and D to control your ship's movement. If you wish, you can even use a combination of both control schemes to take advantage of your natural play style. To get an edge against the competition, pass through the power-up ramps. This allows you to get a short, yet vital, speed boost.

After each stage, you will have the option to upload your score to see how you stack up against other players. The game keeps track of whether this is the first time you have completed the level or not. We appreciate the fact that it even gives comments based on how you performed on a stage. This gives you an idea on how much faster or slower you have completed the same level, which may give that extra boost when trying to beat a stage --you wouldn't want to see a sad faced smiley, do you?

If you find that the main game is too hard to be enjoyable, then you may want to check out Jet Velocity 3D's "Make Custom Track" mode. The slider switches give you the ability to adjust a track's length, smoothness, number of opponents and even the difficulty setting. You may randomly generate the actual track layout or just play around with the values to give the number of loops and curves you want. After finishing a design, you can play the level you made. If you wish to come back to it later, you can opt to copy your level's code. The best part about using the Custom Track mode is that you can share the ID with your friends via Twitter or Facebook.

Being a 3D title, we appreciate the fact that the game runs smooth even on a standard net book. While it is nothing unique, the graphics are surprisingly smooth for a browser-based game. Catchy techno tracks will get you in the mood, effectively delivering a futuristic feel.

Thanks to its straightforward controls, smooth graphics and the Custom Track feature, Miniclip's Jet Velocity 3D is ahead of the race. Thoughtful details such as displaying the number of races you have completed as well as the total distance travelled will keep you in the know and encourage you to beat your record. With ten levels to master, this racing game will give you a worthwhile challenge.

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