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Absolute RC Plane Sim

Absolute RC Plane Sim is an Amazing Hobbyist’s App

RC planes and helicopters are fun to play with –except for the fact that it is actually not an easy skill to learn. Plenty of practice and patience is require before you can consider taking the simplest of planes out for a real spin. With crashes and strong winds putting these expensive gadgets in danger of getting broken, apps like Absolute RC Plane Sim are a definite godsend. This app comes across something between a game and a learning app as it allows players to virtually control a wide range of RC planes and helicopters in various environments and settings.

Release Date: 11/07/2012

Available on: baseSystems

App Store Rating: 4.0/5

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Picking Controls

The game does not offer much in terms of tutorials so first time users of the app will have to carefully read the help guide. And when starting, we highly recommend choosing between one of the 4 possible control configurations. While it is easy to choose a control scheme that is most intuitive to you, the best is to simulate the axis that is used in the actual RC unit you plan to own (though changing the control schemes of the physical controller is also possible). Anyway, the key here is to re-create what you would be doing in real-life.

Plane and Place

The game sports a very wide array of planes, helicopters, boats, and even a couple of cars to choose from. While you would have to shell out some cash to unlock these, hobbyists would find the trite investment well worth the cost. Unlocking new areas to play around in is optional, so it really depends on whether you want to recreate a similar environment to the one you actually play in, or if you are already satisfied with the default maps.

The maps themselves are pretty big and while there is no collision when reach the end of a map, the ground area terminates so try to fly within the confines of the map –fortunately, in the event of any possible issue, the app allows players to reset the position of the RC at any time.

One of our favorite options in selecting the RC unit and the rest of the configurations is the ability to add wind factors –this is most noticeable with planes and helis. The wind speed is a major factor to consider when flying –and since RC’s are pretty small and lightweight, they are easily affected by winds. Knowing how to deal with certain conditions is a big deal if you want to perform maneuvers without crashing.

Setting the camera view is one bonus that you cannot emulate in real life –which is pretty nice if you are practicing how to perform certain moves and you still are not that used to looking at the RC units from a distance (though anything you practice should still be polished in normal view as that is all you can get in real life).

Straightforward Approach

The nicely detailed RC units are definitely the stars of this game. Each plane has its own unique model and texture as well as some moving parts like the propellers. They move with pretty much the same amount of motion that one would expect from the real thing which makes this something that hobbyists would love. The backgrounds do fall a little bit on the flat side but they manage to serve their purpose. The user interface on the other hand is pretty much barebones and sort of borders on the slapped-on-at-the-last-minute look to them. Despite that, they are unobtrusive and are very easy to navigate and use (even choosing a control configuration is just a few taps worth of time).

The Verdict: You Cannot Go Wrong

If you are hardcore RC hobbyist or just someone curious about the activity, then you can easily give this app a try. The initial download is free and gives you access to one RC of each type so you can see what it is like. Those with specific preferences can shell out some extra cash to unlock new units which is well worth the cost. With Absolute RC Plane Sim’s decent simulation of the actual activity, wide range of options, and no-nonsense approach to delivering a solid playing experience with virtual RC units, it is certainly a great app to have.


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Absolute RC Plane Sim is developed by Clear View.

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