Drone Shadow Strike Mobile Game Review

Drone Shadow Strike

Drone Shadow Strike Brings a Gunship Approach to Combat

While one would imagine that drones would tend to zip past while releasing a torrent of gunfire and missiles with each pass, Drone Shadow Strike’s approach is a lot more relaxed. The drones hover and provide the players with ample time to strategize and aim at their targets. With a massive payload of explosive ordinance, it is tempting to just shooting everything at anything that pops up red on your screen. However, the game also employs a bit of focus on strategy; selecting the right weapon for the job matters –as well as being able to identify which targets you should shoot down first.

Release Date: 01/10/2014

Available on: baseSystems

App Store Rating: 4.1/5

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Mind Over Mayhem

Starting off with the gatling gun, a player’s armaments in Drone Shadow Strike gets only bigger and badder with each new option. Missiles are not only strong, they are easy to aim and provide a massive blast radius. With all that, it would seem tempting to just keep blowing stuff up. But that is not how this game is designed. In fact, spamming a single weapon type constantly is bound to get players to fail in many missions.

Weapon effectiveness, reload speeds, and blast radius are all factors to consider when shooting at foes. There’s no point sending a massive missile salvo on a bunch of infantry units when the gatling gun can do a much better job –and that would leave you missiles ready and available for any vehicle that decides to pop out.

Friendly Fire and Priorities

Another main reason why watching what you fire is important is the fact that you can actually hit your own allies. Anything marked as green on the map is a friendly and more often than not, needs to be protected. The last thing you need is to accidentally blow them up because the enemy units got too close. The key here is knowing when and where to use weapons with large blast diameters. This means that upgrading your guns matter a lot since they are the only ways for players to achieve precision strikes without doing much harm to friendly units.

The game also presents players with specific target objectives, in this case, it matters that you do not waste your time on unnecessary targets especially if the mission has a time limit or duration. While there is an incentive for being able to take down as many enemies as possible, it will not matter if your target manages to get away.

All for the Missions

Drone Shadow Strike is a pretty well made game. While on the surface, the 3D models and environments look the same as the average mobile app game, the visuals improve greatly especially when you switch the camera mode to show you the infrared style targeting system. It turns the visual treatment into something less of a game and more like an actual military drone simulation (though a bit of grain and h-lines would have added a bit more ambience). The audio is pretty decent too, there are even a few voice clips that makes it more engaging to listen to.

The user interface is a little confusing at first, but thankfully, everything is labeled so getting your way around the menus becomes easier after a little bit of playing. While it does have that cartoon-style coloring that most app games tend to have, it manages to get the job done in terms of function.

The Verdict: More than Remotely Good

We have to admit that while there’s only one drone that actually looks like it was designed to have hovering capabilities, the gunship-style approach to combat is certainly a much more welcome prospect that having to line up several passes over enemy targets in order to shoot them down. The visuals make the game feel quite immersive, taking into the controller’s POV and watching as you slight inputs allow for the success of a critical mission being held in the far distance by a drone you have upgraded. In terms of satisfaction, the game does a pretty good job at making you feel the overall weight and impact of your actions –especially more so in missions where you have to save or protect friendly units.


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Drone Shadow Strike is developed by Reliance Big Entertainment.

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