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Infinite Flight Simulator

Infinite Flight Simulator is a HOTAS Short of Being a Truly Hardcore Sim

From fighting strong winds to landing in the dark of the night, Infinite Flight Simulator allows players to seek out new ways to challenge themselves when flying about in one of its’ many, many planes. If you are new to the flight sim genre or just curious, fret not, this mobile app was designed with accessibility in mind - which is a massive difference over other core sims on desktops.

The tilt controls are responsive and easy to use (though we highly recommend calibrating it first), and flying the planes feels easy instead of tiring. If you ever wanted to try out a flight sim but were daunted by the complexity of the system or you are an experienced player who just wants to have something on the go, you cannot go wrong with IFS.

Release Date: 25/04/2011

Available on: baseSystems

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

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Planes Aplenty

With major manufacturers already licensed by the game, expect to see plenty of great flying options. Players will love the variety of aircraft –from World War era spitfires to modern day commercial airliners, this game has plenty of variety. And it is not all just different unit models either; each plane flies with its’ own unique traits. Older planes are flimsier and are unable to handle certain maneuvers that put too much stress on the frame, big planes require plenty of subtle nudges in order to get it to fly smoothly (and if you consider the fact that a typical airliner holds over several dozen passengers, you will want to fly as smoothly as possible).

Mobile Graphics Improved

One of the biggest hurdles for bringing a flight simulation game to the mobile platform is the graphics. And even in Infinite Flight Simulator, there are some pretty noticeable concessions that have been made to fully accommodate the higher polygon count and better textures for the planes (usually at the cost of the background details). But the tradeoff is well worth it –the planes look stunningly good. The lighting and particle effects are outstandingly rendered, making many scenes appear like a slightly blurry photo of the real thing. The lighting also helps makes the cloud and sky effects feel more realistic as well.

Getting Started

Once players get the pre-requisite tutorial at the start (which is worth it since it actually explains the mobile controls quite comprehensively), you get to choose how you want to fly. From the type of plane, to the time of day, to the kind of weather, and even which airport you plan to launch from. Oh, here’s something to wrap your head around: this app features around 140 different commercial airports with full runways for takeoff and landing procedures. Again, plane selection is one of the best parts –even commercial airliners such as Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, UPS, and many more are represented.

Uber Dev Support

We rarely ever get to say this about games so we will take the time to do so: whatever money you decide to plop into Infinite Flight Simulator is well worth it. The developers are in a constant state of updating and increasing the game’s overall content. They keep in touch with fans and are open to many suggestions and ideas –this is why they have been able to expand their lineup of planes and many other features. Chances are, if you discover a bug, the developers will be more than happy to help you with it.

The Verdict: More than Worth It

The sheer diligence of the developers alone makes this game worth the purchase (the game industry needs to reward more of that behavior after all), but that alone is not why Infinite Flight Simulator is a good game. The app alone is well worth your time to acquire it. It has outstanding visual quality, a great control system, and a massive lineup of planes. The flight mechanics and in-game physics are more than enough to satisfy the most hardcore of flightsim fans and short of having a desktop rig with a HOTAS controller; this is one of the best ways to experience flight simulation.


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Infinite Flight Simulator is developed by Flying Development Studio LLC.

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