Skies of War Game

Take Back the Land in Skies of War

Ready to blow enemy lines to smithereens? Skies of War is a challenging action title released by YoudaGames, the same people who made Final Fortress and Rail of War. In this game, you are a pilot rebelling to take back your cities. Your goal is to drive back enemy forces by destroying the opposition and taking over airfields. To do this, you are equipped with a formidable payload of guns, bombs and missiles. It won't be easy, but it sure is exciting.

Skies of War is an easy game to miss out on, and take our advice: don’t. While it is not necessarily groundbreaking, Skies of War provides players with a decent enough game in terms of graphics, controls, gameplay, and mechanics to make it worth knowing enough. Flight sim fans in particular will appreciate the simplified controls and its difficultly curve: it actually makes you respect the skills of the computer opponent.

Your aircraft of choice flies in the direction of the mouse pointer. Left clicking on the plane brings up fire power options. Choose your weapon of mass destruction to rain hell on your enemies. Fire using the left mouse button. Plan your strikes using the Minimap by pressing the Spacebar. Landing is done by approaching the airfield. You may also choose to repair your plane for free. It is possible to dodge enemy fire by dragging the mouse from the front to the back of your unit or by making a roll using the R key.

While the extensive control scheme are not necessarily a bad thing, we found that clicking on the plane to change weapons a bit bothersome. Due to the nature of the directional input, as well as the weapon fire button assignment, it was too easy to accidentally click on the unit. Launching the weapon menu momentarily halts the action and the fun.

As you may have guessed, the intricate system is meant for those who do not mind spending some time to get the hang of things before immersing themselves in the action. Coupled with its serious delivery, Skies of War is geared more towards players in their teens. Or older, of course.

Initially, you will pilot the Fockewolf, which is described to be good against enemy planes due to its ability to do loops and rolls. Other planes such as the Apache or C-47 are unlockable in case you get tired of the default unit. Check their status and learn about their stats (load, fuel, health) to get the right plane for the job.

Speaking of missions, there are multiple objectives per level. Due to the balance of static enemy structures and offensive air units, it is easy to appreciate the variety in terms of stage requirements. D a good job on these and you get some in-game cash to splurge on new firepower as well.

Due to the thematic aircrafts and buildings, the graphics work well for this type of game. However, they certainly do not count as eye candy. The colors are bland, even mismatched at times and the game elements combined with the UI make the screen seem cluttered.

Considering the challenge level, multiple stages and attention to detail, Youda Games war plane game is pretty lengthy. If you are pretty skilled, an hour is more than enough to finish all ten levels. Otherwise, the time you will spend mastering this title can be doubled or tripled. That being said, it is definitely worth a look if you are into action games in general or if you happen to be a completionist who gets a sense of satisfaction from masterfully fulfilling mission requirements.

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