TU Unleashed Game

It's Your Chance to Shine in TU Unleashed

Instead of performing military maneuvers and completing missions, your job is to ensure the safety of your passengers when delivering them from one country to another. In this title, you get to travel all over the world as you drop off your patrons in six countries: U.S.A., U.K., Australia, Brazil, Japan and, of course, Russia.

Being a flight simulation-slash-launch game, the controls are similar to its predecessor. The Up and Down arrow keys change the speed of your aircraft, the Left and Right arrow keys allow you to change your flight angle.

Pressing I will start your engine, while G toggles your wheels. It is important to note that your wheels may jam if you leave them out during high speeds. In cases like these, you will just have to carefully land without them.

The F key changes your flaps so it can adapt to whatever maneuver you are currently performing (Take Off, Normal and Landing). The E key uses the Extinguishers, pressing Z speeds up the game so you can zip through long flights and the Space Bar allows your plane to turn around if you happen to miss the airport.

You earn money after each successful drop-off. The total profit you get is dependent on the number of passengers you delivered safely. Take note that you receive a penalty for the number who are injured.

In case you are having a difficult time controlling your plane, you may opt to improve its performance by purchasing upgrades using your earnings after each stage. Among the improvements are ways to invest in media coverage, improve airline management and passenger safety, add seat capacity, improve the aircraft mechanics as well as the radiators/extinguishers.

Being successful in this game is not just a matter of getting from point A to point B. In order to get passengers where they want to go, you will have to watch out for things that may go wrong mid-flight. One such problem is over speeding. This occurs when you descend too fast and it results in passengers getting injured, decreasing your potential profit. Remember that one of your goals is to be advertised in newspapers, so keep the injured patrons to a minimum.

Overall, TU Unleashed doubles the challenge of the first game by implementing additional mechanics to keep you busy. The upgrade system is basic, but it does add a twist to the straightforward gameplay. The package is topped off by sweet new graphics which are sophisticated and polished.

Still, due to its iffy controls, the game is pretty far off from being a thoroughly enjoyable title. We would understand if the game is simply hard, but then there is a very thin line between successfully gauging the speed of your landing versus a disastrous crash. There is a lengthy explanation for the features at the start of the game, but we found that it is a bit too much to take in all at once. Sticking to a few initial tips and ensuring a smooth introduction to the controls would improve this greatly for a sequel.

That being said, Armor Games plane title is not for those who are looking for a relaxing quick fix or those who have no patience to practice game controls. There are also a number of typos throughout the game, which makes the text potentially confusing for younger players.

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